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About us

Jabberwocky are a 4-piece band featuring keyboards, bass, drum machine and three vocalists, performing classic pop music covers from six decades.

We enjoy playing music for parties and dances in venues large and small – this seems to have become our ‘niche’. 

Our use of a drum machine rather than a live drummer means that we can vary our performance volume to suit all types and sizes of venue.

About the band


Mick has performed in plays, musicals and sung with bands of many different genres including classical, folk, blues and soul. 

He was lead vocalist with several bands including ‘Sensible Shoes’, ‘Blue-Eyed Soul’ and more recently, ‘Raven’.


Gilly has appeared in stage musicals, performed in choirs, and as a backing singer in a number of bands often featuring blues and soul music. 

She was for many years a member of the music and comedy ensemble ‘The Ranters’.

Ian has not only a long association with choral music as a baritone but great experience as a pop band keyboardist, having been a member of several groups including the talented recording band Blubberhouse in the 1980s.


Gill is an experienced vocalist able to sing almost any style from soul dance numbers to power ballads.

We hardly ever perform without someone saying: ‘Wow! Doesn’t she sound like Karen Carpenter!